A Touch of Fizz

A Touch of Fizz

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Temptingly tipsy treats

A selection of fabulously fruity flavours with cheeky twists for an exotic breakfast treat or fancy afternoon tea.


113g Strawberry Daiquiri Whole Fruit Jam
The spirit of Cuba
We found that combining juicy whole strawberries, a splash of fine dark rum and a twist of zesty lime creates a uniquely fruity flavour.
Delicious over buttery shortbread or stir through granola and yoghurt.

113g Peach Bellini Jam
The perfect toast
We’ve found that adding a generous splash of Italian Prosecco brings out the sweet juicy flavour of the peaches.
Spread generously over warm scones or add fruity sparkle to cocktails.

113g Gin, Orange & Lemon Thin Cut Marmalade
Toast the good times
Spanish oranges and lemons and a generous dash of London Dry Gin creates a rich, fruity and delightfully zingy flavour.
Spread over warm French toast or as an indulgent glaze for roast duck.

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