Big Tam's Kilted Wurkoots

Big Tam's Kilted Wurkoots

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Nae faffin' around any mair. It's time tae tackle yer health, yer fitness, yer heid an' yer scran. Noo's the time tae GIT IT DONE!

Big Tam Rannachan hus been a life coach an' personal trainer fur years. He knows wha' he's aboot! Written in the Scots tongue, this is a diff'rent, funny approach tae wha' we a' know we shuid dae tae get fit, but wha' most o' us keep putting auf! Easin' us intae the Lorne Sausage Sit Ups an' the Porridge Planks wi' a chuckle an' a gentle nudge, he brings us 'roond tae the notion tha' gettin' fit isnae a' aboot grim determination an' pain, it can actually be aboot fun an' laffs!

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