The Book Of Senior Moments

The Book Of Senior Moments

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Do you need different glasses to find your other two pairs? Do you refer to your oldest and closest friend as "Thingy"? Has your car mysteriously parked itself on the other side of the road? Congratulations -or commiserations- you are now joining the ranks of people afflicted by "senior moments," those mental blips that are liable to waylay us at the most inconvenient times. Suddenly previously effortless tasks such as locating your car keys and remembering your children's names become Olympic-like feats, calculated to frustrate and amuse in equal measure.

Fear not for help is at hand. The Book of Senior Moments is the essential guide to dealing with your dotage, drawing on the experiences of politicians, poets, composers and comedians. Discover diet and recreation tips for how to keep your mind and body in tip-top condition. Crammed full of advice, examples, anecdotes, confessions and excuses, this is required reading for anyone interested in... er... whatever it is.

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