The Reindeer Feeder

The Reindeer Feeder

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 Who feeds the reindeer while Santa delivers the presents? The Shrumann is Santa's official Reindeer Feeder.

Enjoy the story of The Reindeer Feeders and begin a Magical Family Christmas Tradition!

Place your Reindeer Feeder on your mantelpiece or window sill and make sure to put the reindeer carrots into the feeding sack. On Christmas Eve, your Reindeer Feeder will let Santa know you are all asleep so he can deliver your presents. The Reindeer Feeder will pop up to the roof and feed the Reindeer, while Santa is busy. How amazing!

Each Reindeer Feeder Presentation Box includes: a Shrumann, feeding sack, feeding license, storybook and reversible window decal


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