Weenect cat GPS tracker

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Using Weenect Cats 2, you can track your cat's movements on a real time map via the smartphone app (iOS and Android). The cat tracker collar allows you to locate your pet wherever it happens to be, so your cat is safe wherever its adventure take it.

Weenect Cats 2 is the only cat tracking collar to offer a training module in addition to live tracking. No need to stand in the back garden rattling the cat food waiting for your four-legged friend to come home. By vibrating or ringing its tracker at each meal time, it will end up associating the two events; you can then call it for dinner with a single click in your app.

With the GPS collar for cats you can quickly identify the perimeter of your cat's territory and the places it spends the most time. You can also view its activity level, the route it takes on its adventures, the distance travelled daily as well as the time spent playing or sleeping. With the Weenect GPS system you finally have the tool to discover the secret life of your cat!